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Maximum coverage
Maximum protection

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bike wrapping, paint protection film

About Snakeskin Wrapping

All of our paint protection kits are designed, machine cut and hand fit in-house to provide unrivalled coverage and protection. Installing our kits in our workshop means each wrap if fitted to the highest of standards, giving you peace of mind when out on the trails.

Bike wrapping, paint protection film

We have sent a number of bikes to Jake at Snakeskin over the past couple of years and we continue to be hugely impressed by both his professionalism and his high quality of work. We cannot recommend Snakeskin enough for bike wrapping services.


Cycleworks Yorkshire

“It’s a fun time when we get new unreleased bikes in for display, press and demo, that fun can be diminished when the bikes get scratched and start looking old when passed from venue to venue. That’s why we send the frames off immediately to get protected and Snakeskin Wrapping has come up with the goods time and time again​"


Silverfish UK


Why should I Snakeskin my frame?

Industry leading coverage

Installed professionally in-house

Bike specific film is 45% thicker than our competitors.

Maximises frames resale value

Hydrophobic properties makes for easy cleaning

Free wrap replacement in the event of damage

Bike wrap, paint protection

What bikes do we wrap?

Standard frame

Enduro, Downhill, XC, Trail.....



E-Mountain, E-Road,


Road, Gravel, Dirt jump, Kids bikes, Cargo bikes....

We love a challenge if you can think of anything else.


Our Work

Snakeskin will help to maintain that fresh bike look through the application of high quality paint protection films and automotive vinyl. Unlike standard offerings we customise the levels of protection, from the usual ‍‍high wear areas through to custom specified designs providing unrivalled protection and peace of mind when out on the trail. Its not just brand new bikes that need protecting, whether your bike is a few months old or a few years, there is a wrap for you.


Contact us

Waterside Mill


Manchester OL37NH


Opening Hours:

Mon - Fri: 8am - 5pm

Saturday: Appointment only

Sunday: Gone riding!

Thanks for contacting Snakeskin Wrapping! Please check your junk mail, we tend to respond within the hour.



How much does it cost to have a bike wrapped?

Due to there being so many different sizes, brands and models of bikes, we ask our customers to get in touch for a quote specific to their needs. The average cost of a frame and fork wrap is £200. 


How much coverage will a Snakeskin Wrap achieve?

Our wraps aim to cover as much of the paintwork as possible, leaving very little paintwork unprotected. 


How long does a Snakeskin Wrap last?

It's difficult to put a life span on a wrap as some will get used more than others. Due to the way we design our kits, it's possible to replace any damaged parts without removing the full wrap.


How long does it take to apply?

Depending on the model and size of the bike, it can take 2-5 hours to fit each kit. The kit is applied wet, this means we need to keep the bike in overnight to ensure it has had time to dry and adhere properly before you take it out for a ride.


Can you wrap used bikes?

Of course, a wrap will give your used bike a new lease of life, bringing the paintwork back to as new as possible. We always recommend wrapping before you ride as you would be surprised how damaged your paintwork can get after its first outing.


Do you wrap one-off custom bikes?

We can design a bespoke kit to specifically fit your frame. This may take a little longer than usual but we like the challenge.


What PPF (paint protection film) do you use?

We use LotusPro10 film which is currently the thickest film available on the market, around 45% thicker than our competitors. super hydrophobic and self healing. All Machine cut and installed in house.

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